I love grain bowls. Some rice or other grains, some veggies and protein, all piled in a big wide bowl is my ideal dinner. It’s nutritious and easy to put together, and if you’re making them for your family, everyone can customize their own bowl to their liking. You can also roast your veggies, leave them raw, or combine the two.

Of course, you need those ingredients to be super flavorful, which is where one of my favorite seasoning blends come in. Los Muertos Barbecue from Ava Jane’s Kitchen is rich and spicy, and pairs nicely with the steak, black beans and rice in this bowl. My go to veggie blend is peppers and onions, with some beans and corn added in. Any kind of rice you like works here — brown for something super nutritious, or white if your pressed for time. Or quinoa or whatever you like.

You can try this with chicken or shrimp, or for a veggie version, tofu works nicely. I like something like this after a long day when you might be tempted to stop and get carryout, but know you shouldn’t. This is just as tasty, and really not much more work.

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