Potatoes make an amazing soup, no matter which way you go with them. Creamy baked potato, a good seafood chowder with chunks of tender potatoes, or in this case, potatoes and leeks.

Leeks look like giant green onions, but they taste much milder. Sweet and silky, they are perfect for this soup, which is full of flavor thanks to fresh herbs, salty bacon, and Ava Jane’s Kitchen Everyday Blend seasoning. This seasoning is perfect for potatoes — peppery, a bit herby, with a touch of Colima Sea Salt. It truly lives up to its name — you can use it everyday, on almost everything.

Use whatever potatoes you have here. I used Russets, but I’m sure Yukon gold or red potatoes would be fine, peeling optional.

One of my favorite things about soup is that for the most part they are delicious (or even better!) the next day, and this one is no exception. So don’t be afraid to make a double batch, because it makes a delicious lunch on a cold day. If you’ve got some good crusty bread, you’ve got it made.

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