I love to experiment with different things in the kitchen. One of those is making seasoning blends of my own, since I have a pretty well stocked spice cabinet.

In addition to plain old spices, I also have a bunch of spice blends from Ava Jane’s Kitchen, so when looking for a project while inside the house on a particularly dreary day recently, I decided to try my hand at using those to make a new blend. I know — making spice blends fromspice blends? But hear me out — with my Ava Jane’s Kitchen blends, part of the work is already done — they are full of flavor, already have salt, and are a good base for a new flavor.

I started with taco seasoning. It’s a favorite of mine, and those packets of seasoning you buy at store or come in taco kits are pretty abysmal when it comes to healthy ingredients.

I used three of my Ava Jane’s Kitchen seasoning blends for this taco seasoning — Los Muertos Barbecue, Blackened Fish, and Hot Roasted Garlic — and added a few others as well. I also added a bit of cornstarch to give it that same thickening power you get from packets, but you can leave it out (if you’re using it as a rub, for instance) or swap arrowroot for a grain free version.

I will freely admit that this doesn’t taste exactly like the packets of taco seasoning that you buy at the store, but in a good way. It’s not as salty, and doesn’t have that same metallic, fake taste you sometimes get from packets. This makes about a cup. You can use it however you would use a packet — about 3-4 tablespoons of this mix should yield the same as a packet. So for ground beef tacos, I would use 3 tablespoons per pound of meat. Then you can use that in tacos, or stuffed into peppers for a healthier option. This also makes a pretty solid fajita seasoning as well, and is perfect in some tortilla soup on a cold day.

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